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Week Two

Week two of my landscaping job. It has been slow progress this week.

The sleeper walls are all build and have steel bars driven thought them. So there all nice secured and will not move at all.

Next job

The next job was to dig the ground over so we got heavy-duty rotovator in to dig the ground in both areas we are going to be turf. This was easy as the soil had a later of clay in on the top making it was hard to break down as so wet! It was sticking together, so the only thing we can do it see if it dry out so will break down then turning over again!Drying

Drying out

The weather was been good so it was drying out. After the soil was turned over again the next job was to start raking the ground level. We still had a place that was wet. This was near a wall and I think the water was draining through to that area! So we rake that area as best as we could and removed and big lumps the clay soil.

Staked out and string line set up

Finally got the back level out. Then I staked out and string line set up around the area to get the level for the new topsoil. Then the hard bit of moving about 12 tones of topsoil that was delivered! We start moving the soil that was required for the back lawn. It looked like a big mountain range! That was the morning sorted.

The afternoon.

In the afternoon we spent time raking to new topsoil level and sorting out any dips in it! it was looking good time we finished! To make sure we keep the new soil dry we sheeted it over, ready for firming down. With that all done we had a look that the front lawn. We started doing a bit of raking, but time was getting on so we stopped and cleared up for the day. That the end of week two.


The hire companey we use is Eros Hire