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September jobs for the garden are the time to get you hedging cut and to work on your lawns. Why do you cut the hedging at this time year it has grown and the birds have finish nesting.

Lawns Care

Other September jobs for the garden are lawn care.

Scarify your lawn

This time of the yeat is when you can scarify your laws getting all the dead grass and moss out of it. If you not done this before you can get a lot of thatch out of it! The way you do this is with a fan rake, and raking all the dead grass and moss out in different directions. This can be very hard work doing by hand! You can get a lawn scarifier machine to do it for you.

Overseed your lawn

After you have scarifyed your lawn you may need to overseed your lawn, as you may riped out a lost of moss and left bload spots in your lawn!

An autumn feed

When you have done this you can give your lawn an autumn feed this will help the grass recover. Depending on what feed you use you may need to water it in? You can feed the lawn a short time before it rains and that the best way of doing it! You can do it with the hose pipe if it dry and no rain forecast!

Aerate your lawn

The last thing you can do also is to aerate your lawn. This can be done with a garden fork! You go across your lawn spiking the fork into the ground in a row across your lawn, this lets air into the ground and improves the grassroots. You can also get a tool to do this job for you too.


It also a good time to sort out any bumps or dips in your lawn you may have? The bumps you can dig over and rake out and reseed. The dips you can get a topdressing to fill them in and then reseed so you get a nice late lawn. This dum with