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Big Landscaping Job

I have started a big landscaping job this week, with the help of the client I am working for. The job entails me to have to build two sleeper walls for the client. Then sort out two sections to be turf. Then putting a pathway by the house.

Slow going

It is slow going the first day as it was raining first thing so that was a late start! Then I have to go to a supplier to get some wood preserver, for the client as he could get any. So I was treating all the sleepers with two coats of the wood preserver, I was going to lay for the walling.

Tree stumps

The next day I start to dig the bottom trench for the wall footing. But I come across a tree stump in the path of the first footing. So we decided to get a tree stump grinder in to remove it. We were very lucky and the hiring company drop one around start away! Later on that afternoon, I started working on the top wall area by digging over. It had a lot of roots in it so I decided to start to clean it out some make it easier to do later when got to plant it up. Then I come across the second stump.

The next morning we started working on getting the second stump out. This was going well and nearly fisted it when I note my driver window was smashed! We must though up a stone or bit of the root as there was a small hole in it. So I had to sort my van window out! But we did get the stump out and got the trench done. I also geta pathway read too.

Fill the hols in

The next job was to fill the hols in with type 1 MOT for the base. The get a waker and get it nice and firmed down.

After with got both of the trenches filled and the pathway, and firmed down nice and levelled. We started on getting the timber sleepers laid out and cut to size for the bottom wall. We got the first layer of the bottom sleepers beaded in so there ready for the other two layers to go on. Then the next day we did the same for the top wall.

More to come

More to come on the big Landscaping job.


The hire companey we use is Eros Hire